The Savoy Hotel

The Savoy hotel is one of the most popular venues in London for charity balls as well as awards ceremonies and conferences. Close to Covent Garden and the West End The Savoy is a well known destination venue. 

The River Entrance provides exclusive access for event guests giving a more private entrance than the hotel’s front entrance on The Strand. 

The Lancaster Ballroom & Parlour Rooms

The Lancaster Ballroom is the largest of the event spaces on offer at The Savoy providing capacity for 380 for dinner and 500 theatre style. 

  • No pillars and good clear line of sight to the stage from all parts of the room. 
  • Built in recessed stage - some client choose to cover this and build their own stage in front. Other clients, particularly where projection isn’t important and there is no need for a bespoke stage set, choose to use this stage for their event. 
  • The Parlour Rooms are accessible directly from The Lancaster Ballroom and are often used as dressing rooms for performers, speaker preparation, coffee breaks or workshops. 

The Lancaster Ballroom does not have any built in AV equipment so you will need to contact and external audio visual supplier to provide sound, lighting, video and staging for your conference or event. 

AV Recommendations for Gala Dinners in The Lancaster Ballroom

  • If you want to maximise the number of guests at your gala dinner then consider using the built in, recessed stage to minimise the amount of space taken up by your staging. If you need to display presentations, a live auction, videos or would like cameras live on screen during the event we recommend between four and 6 60” plasmas screens to be installed around the room. 
  • Some simple lighting can transform the look of the room and bring it on brand for your event through colour. We recommend, as a minimum, using LED uplighter to highlight the plasterwork around the room. 
  • Most clients who organise Gala Dinners at The Savoy will have some form of entertainment and presentations on stage. The lighting requirements for this range from some basic lighting so that presenters can be seen to a full lighting show for a band or DJ. Most event settle somewhere between the two taking into account both the overlook and the budget available. 
  • The room doesn’t come with a sound system suitable for speech, music and entertainment so we usually supply a sound system suitable for any presentations and entertainment including any bands or DJs that are performing at the event. By using discrete white speakers the sound system blends into the decor of the room. 
  • The Savoy can provide an extension to the built in stage which is adequate for most of our clients’ requirements. 
Savoy Hotel London Lighting & AV Setup

Audio Visual Recommendations for Conferences in The Lancaster Ballroom

  • Most conference organisers choose to have a conference stage set installed in front of the built in stage. This allows for rear projection because the projector is placed on the recessed stage. Your audio visual production company will be able to design and supply an appropriate stage set for the venue. We recommend a minimum height of 12ft and a screen size of between 8 and 10ft. 
  • A single projection screen works well in The Lancaster. For medial / engineering conferences where there is a lot of detail in the slides we recommend having two 60 inch “repeater” screens half way down the room.
  • In terms of sound, we always supply clients with a sound system for conferences in The Lancaster. We usually provide a 6 speaker PA system and we use white speakers so that they blend into the decor. Of course, the sound system can be complemented by any combination of wired and wireless microphones including lectern microphones, table microphones, handheld microphones and lapel microphones. 
  • For lighting, it is usual to light the stage set and then provide spotlights to light the presenters on stage. Some conference clients like us to light the plasterwork around the mirrored doors on either side of the room in their brand colours. 
  • Live cameras are not usually necessary as the room is not particularly large but some clients do opt to have a live camera feed onto the screens. 

AV Recommendations for Awards Ceremonies in The Lancaster Ballroom

  • When producing awards ceremonies in The Lancaster we usually suggest a similar design to a conference with a stage set installed in front of the built in stage. 
  • We then complement this with additional creative lighting to suit the event including moving lighting effects for the walk up stings. 
  • We also increase the power of the sound system to ensure that music is impactful and any performers are catered for properly. 
  • Most clients choose to have a live camera feed on the screens especially when announcing award winners - the camera follows the winner from their seat to the stage when they are announced. 

The River Room

The River Room, with capacity for 150 for dinner or 400 for a reception, is a popular choice for clients planning a reception (or, indeed, for a drinks reception prior to a gala dinner or awards ceremony in The Lancaster Ballroom).

The River Room overlooks Embankment Gardens and The Thames. Combining the grandeur of the room with some subtle lighting transforms the space for a reception. The built in sound system is suitable for background music or a call to dinner. For full presentations we recommend hiring a PA system from a local AV hire company. 

Abraham Lincoln & Manhattan Rooms

The Abraham Lincoln Room has space for 180 guests for dinner, 120 seated theatre style for a conference and 400 for a drinks reception. The room is popular for conferences, dinner dances, formal diners and business luncheons. The room lends itself to a clean white stage set and stage which, along with any audio visual equipment required from the event, needs to be hired from a local AV company. 

The Manhattan Room which s close by make a perfect reception room for events in The Abraham Lincoln Room. This area of the hotel has its own foyer and cloakrooms. 

Smaller Event Spaces

There are a number of smaller spaces that are perfect of private dining, smaller meetings or for use as break out rooms.  

Can We Help? 

We regularly provide AV hire and event production support for clients holding events at The Savoy. If you have  any sound, lighting, video, staging or general production needs we'd love to talk through your requirements to see if we can help.