AV Hire Stockport Town Hall

Stockport Town Hall is within easy walking distance of Stockport station which has direct links to Manchester and London making it an excellent location for conferences and events with a capacity of up to 600 delegates.

The Town Hall

The venue is very competitively priced with, at the time of writing, hire of the main Ballroom costing from £1,236 making it an excellent choice for events where budget is tight. Three committee rooms and the council chamber are also available to hire for smaller meetings or as breakout / workshop spaces when larger conferences are being held in the Ballroom.

The Ballroom has its own entrance and this lobby area with wide staircase up to the Ballroom makes a fantastic location for a reception or registration area. 

Included AV Equipment

There is some basic audio visual equipment available to hire from the venue including small projection screens, laptops, flip charts, loop systems and display boards. For larger events you will need to work with a local AV hire company who will be able to advise on the most suitable staging, screens, lighting and sound for your event. 

Our AV Recommendations

  • For most events, we use wireless uplighter in the lobby area to warm the space up and sometimes include a gobo projection of the event or client logo.
  • We have set The Main Ballroom out using the built in recessed stage, building our own stage in front of the recessed stage and also building a completely custom stage on the long wall opposite the main entrance. Any of these layouts has worked well. 
  • If you are planning a conference and want to incorporate a conference stage set / backdrop we recommend setting the backdrop up on the front edge of the built in stage. We will then create a slightly lower stage area in front for your presenters. We normally recommend a 12ft projection screen in this situation. 
  • If you prefer a layout where the stage is set up along the “long” wall in front of the windows then we recommend having two projection screens to ensure that all of your guests get a good view. 
  • Because it’s a relatively large room, many of our clients choose to have a live camera feed onto the screen at Stockport Town Hall. 
  • Simple stage lighting and uplighters work well in the venue. Haze is not permitted so any lighting needs to either light architectural elements or create visible patterns. We have a stock of lighting specifically for this purpose and we’d be happy to share some ideas with you.  
  • Regardless of the orientation of the room you will need a 6 speaker PA system to ensure good even sound coverage. 

Fred Perry House

Located just behind Stockport Town Hall is Fred Perry House. This building offers two conference rooms that are available to hire from £126 at the time of writing. 

Example stage & lighting design for an event at Stockport Town Hall



Can we help? 

We provide AV hire and staging for events at Stockport Town Hall on a regular basis so even if you just need some free advice to get the most from your event do get in touch. Of course, if you are looking for a local AV hire company to help with your event we can support you with: 

  • Lighting Hire
  • Sound System Hire
  • Stage Hire
  • Conference Stage Set Hire
  • Projector, Plasma Screen, Camera & Laptop Hire
  • On-site Technical Support
  • Full Event Production Management