4 Great Tools for Event Planners in 2015

Basecamp – Free 3 month trial then $20 / month

Basecamp is a web-based project management app that keeps things simple. There are a whole bunch of features that it doesn’t have when compared to more advanced project management systems (for me dependancies in the task management section is about the only thing I miss) but what it does, it does exceptionally well and very intuitively. It is great for managing tasks, calendars and sharing files. It’s easy to learn how it works which means its great for team collaboration without too much training.

You can even invite your client to join a project whilst restricting their access to certain areas. This allows them to see your progress, upload files (no more inbox file size restrictions for large videos and graphics) and comment, review and give feedback.

You can start a free 3 month trial here http://www.basecamp.com

Production Schedule Template – Free

As an event planner, you can reduce your stress by documenting key event information in a production schedule and distributing it to all of your suppliers, performers, team, venue – anyone involved in the event.

This document contains key contact details (suppliers, venue, artists, events team etc), set up schedule, rehearsal schedule and running orders and the audio visual cue list. For larger events it can even include details of hotel accommodation, flights, transport, venue plans – everything that might be needed.

In our experience a production schedule dramatically reduces the number of phone calls and questions that you receive in the run up to the event and once on site and reduces the potential for miscommunication between different team members and contractors.

You can download our free Production Schedule Template here.

Slack – Free

Slack is one of the fastest growing companies in the world right now. Essentially, it’s a group chat app with different “channels”. Each channel can have different groups of people invited and be public or private.

For example you might have a private “organiser” channel where the event management team can discuss the event with each other with sub-channels for specific areas or projects e.g. booking performers, event running order, audio visual etc. You might invite relevant suppliers to some of these channels.

You can have channels for presenters (they can upload their slides for review, discuss ideas with other speakers etc). Finally you can have public channels so that your delegates and the general public can join in the discussion about your event.

Slack can be downloaded here for here: https://slack.com/pricing

David Bisset’s blog on how he organised a conference with Slack is well worth a read if you think it might work for you.

Race Nation

Race Nation provides an online race registration, management and fundraising platform for race directors and charity. Whatever the sport, the platform can be tailored to your event and combines:

  • Registration technology
  • Fundraising platform
  • Digital logistics
  • Timing integration
  • Live results
  • Marketing


The platform allows makes technology that major events like the London Marathon benefit from available to events of all sizes.


If you are planning any kind of sporting event from a sponsored walk to a triathlon we recommend you have a chat to the guys at Race Nation. http://www2.race-nation.com/contact.html