5 Awards Ceremony PowerPoint Templates for 2015

As an audio visual hire company, we see more than our fair share of awards ceremony PowerPoints. In recent years some of our clients have moved to Keynote or Prezi but there is still a lot that you can do in PowerPoint to create beautiful awards ceremony slides – even in 2015.

Our Own Free Awards Ceremony PowerPoint Templates

We started writing this blog aiming to direct you to at least 5 awards ceremony slide templates that we liked that you could use for your next awards ceremony but we couldn’t find 5 that we liked! Perhaps that’s why we keep seeing so many badly designed ones at the awards ceremonies where we are providing audio visual hire and awards ceremony production support. We really want to help you to have a great event and as a result, we’ve just started on our own library of PowerPoint slide templates for awards ceremonies which are completely free to download.The first one is available for download now and we will send you the rest as soon as our designers have finished them.

Download Free Awards Ceremony PowerPoint Template

  • Modern Design
  • Space for Event & Award Sponsor & Partner Logos
  • Event Title Slide
  • Presenter Title Slide
  • Title Slide for Each Award
  • Nominee Slide for Each Award
  • Winner Slide for Each Award

An awards ceremony slide deck will usually include:

  • Title slide with the name, logo and headline sponsor(s) logos.
  • Sponsors slide with the awards ceremony name and logo slightly smaller and all of the sponsor logos beneath

Then for each award, there will usually be:

  • Award title slide including the awards ceremony logo, title of the award and logo of the award sponsor

  • Award nominee slide including the awards ceremony logo, title of the award, logo of the award sponsor and list of nominees

  • Award winner slide including the awards ceremony logo, title of the award, logo of the award sponsor and name of the winner (sometimes with a photo or logo)

It’s easy to create an awards ceremony PowerPoint that looks a little outdated especially if you are using templates from the internet. Some of the ones that rank highest in Google are really quite old and really aren’t on trend for 2015. Here are some of our favourite PowerPoint slide templates for 2015.

Envelope Please

We like that this is clean and we like the animation. This is a simple to use awards ceremony PowerPoint theme that will give you a professional looking presentation in no time at all. This theme is most suited to awards ceremonies that are not heavy on corporate or event branding but just need something creative and a little different. Download Here from $39.95

Omni – Creative Presentation

Whilst not strictly an awards ceremony specific theme it can be easily customised to include everything that you will need to include in your awards ceremony slides. We like that you can cleanly and easily use the templates that come with head shots as nominee and winner slides and incorporate photos of nominees and winners or swap the photos for company logos.

We also thought that the “Performance Pie Charts” would be a great way to show what percentage of the vote each of your nominees and winners received for each award.Download Here from $12