Event Production Schedule Template

As an Event Production Company we know how stressful it can be planning an event so we wanted to share one of the tools that we use to reduce the stress and enjoy being part of a well organised, well delivered, successful event.

The Event Production Schedule is one of the most important tools in the Event Manager’s toolbox. Without it you can’t have a successful event (or, at least, not without plenty of unnecessary stress). The aim of the Event Production Schedule is to have a list of all of the key information that you and your suppliers need all in one place and distributed to everyone who needs it. You can download and edit the one that we use below. Feel free to use it however you like – you can even brand it up as your own.

What an Event Production Schedule Includes

Contact Information

Contact details for EVERYONE (and we mean EVERYONE) involved in the event. That includes the venue, the AV hire company, the staging company, the venue dresser, the carpet cleaner, the piano delivery guy, the musicians, the presenters, the limo drivers, the insurance company, the hire car company, the travel agent. If they’re involved in the event, include them in the schedule.

Transport Information

This may include your team’s cars and hire vehicles, your suppliers’ cars and hire vehicles, VIP transport that you arranged. Include everything. This has been invaluable to us when venues have asked for a list of all vehicles that need access at the last minute!

Accommodation Information

The last thing that you want on site is 20 people all asking where they are staying or arguing about who they are sharing a room with. Get it all detailed in the event production schedule and you can save unnecessary time consuming questions when you get to site.

Venue Information

It seems basic but you wouldn’t believe the number of calls that we receive from suppliers asking us the address of the venue or where they should go when they arrive! Again, document it and save the hassle and stress of unnecessary phone calls on the day of the event. We recommend that you include key information about the venue such as venue height and access arrangements (e.g. details of any lifts or steps) to save any last minute panics on the day when the stage set doesn’t fit in the lift!

General Supplier Information

Include anything you think that might have been missed or be particularly helpful here. For example, do you want your AV technicians to be dressed in black tie or your event company t-shirts during the event?


Possibly the most important part of the Event Production Schedule is the schedule itself. This usually runs to a number of pages and includes everything from the time that the venue can lay out the tables to the time that the band set up and rehearse. Include every detail. The more detail, the less questions you will get on site and the less potential for things to get missed. Assumption is the mother of all stress!

AV Cue List

Providing your Audio Visual technicians with a detailed cue list will help them to create a great show for you and also help you to build a great relationship with them. AV technicians like to have as much information as they possible can!

Site Briefing

Include any key information about the venue including safety information in this section.

These are the core elements to an event production schedule but they are often expanded to include floor plans, stage designs, details of artist dressing rooms and speaker preparation areas, risk assessments, method statements – if it is important to the event, include it in the schedule.

The event production schedule is usually distributed to everyone on the contact list a few days before the event as a .pdf file. If you are adding other information in and need to merge multiple .pdf files you can use this handy PDF merging tool.