19 Things Only Event Organisers Understand

1. The highlight of your day is finding a power socket somewhere vaguely near your hotel bed and not on the other side of the room.

2. You can go anywhere in the world with your air miles but you're always too busy to take time off. 

3. You arrive at your friend's wedding and start adjusting the table centres.

4. You go to see your favourite band but all you can think of is how elements of the lighting design would look great at your next event. 

5. People think you can make the sound louder and quieter at the same time. 

6. And those same people think you can make a room colder and warmer at the same time. 

7. When you hope for anything but conference chicken for dinner. 

8.  AAA backstage passes are no longer the most exciting thing ever. 

9. You're walking through the airport and spot other people travelling with a Peli Case.

10. You're backstage with your favourite band but you don't ask for a selfie. 

11. Almost every item in your wardrobe is black.

12. You've been up for 16 hours and lunch looks like this.

Conference Organiser Lunch

13. Or if you're really lucky........ conference sandwiches. Everyone love conference sandwiches.

14. Everything goes wrong and it's only you that even notices. 

15. Anything can be fixed with gaffa tape.

16. You've just finished a 24 hour day and derig but can't sleep because you're still buzzing on caffeine and adrenaline. 

17. You're always early for EVERYTHING. 

18. Excel is your best friend. 

19. This means the world has come to an end.