Fashion Show Production

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I thought it was fantastic. Your guys were awesome – they did a superb job. I thought the look was fantastic – just the look I wanted. From your point of view I couldn’t have asked for any more. The look I honestly couldn’t have imagined – when I went on the balcony and looked at the stage it was just awesome.
Fashion show catwalk with lighting at the Cunard Building in Liverpool

Whether you're launching a new fashion brand, showcasing a new season or raising money for charity your objectives and the guest experience are our priority.

We've created fashion shows in some of the most unusual spaces in the UK. From the aisles in ASDA to barns on farms, grade 1 listed buildings to cathedrals. No fashion show is the same and that's why we don't just push out a standard package. We listen to you and then turn your ideas into reality. We understand your audience, we understand the press, we understand the pressure on the models and choreographers and we understand that you need a return on investment. That's why we plan everything meticulously and supply everything from our own hire stock. Not only does this allow us to keep the costs sensible but it ensures that we have full control over quality. 


We have designed and supplied catwalks in all shapes and sizes from a simple straight catwalk to T shapes, H shapes, circles and multi-level designs. We supply catwalks in a range of heights with carpet and high gloss finishes in almost any colour you can imagine. 

2. Design

Many of your guests will attend fashion shows on a regular basis. Some will be VIPs, some will be press and some will be part of your paying audience. We understand that they need to be impressed from their first arrival at the entrance to the venue and then taken on a journey of discovery through to the moment that they leave. When we design a fashion show we ensure that every detail is considered from the branding to the catwalk design, the backdrop to the lighting, the press pen, the camera lighting, the sponsor photo board and the design of the bar. 


As lighting designers, lighting a fashion show catwalk effectively is one of the greatest challenges that we face. There are unique challenges: the audience are often seated in front of, to both sides and behind the models on stage, the lighting needs to look good both in the room and on film and photo and the lighting needs to have impact to engage the audience but support not detract from the fashion on display. We hold these elements along with the specific venue challenges in tension to create fashion show catwalk lighting designs that really work. All of the lighting equipment that we supply for fashion show lighting comes from our own hire stock which enables us to provide cost-effective catwalk lighting options whilst keeping control of quality.  


For a full professional finish, most of our clients choose some form of backdrop design for their catwalk. This creates a natural backstage / quick change area along with the opportunity for branding and screens. Most importantly, the catwalk backdrop creates a clean backdrop for photographers to take the best shots of the models. Our in-house stage set design team can design and construct stock and bespoke catwalk backdrops with branding and screens if required. 

5. Audio Visual

Depending on the style and purpose of the fashion show projection or plasma screens are often used for live camera relay, sponsor branding, showcasing the labels or a combination of these. We provide all of the audio visual elements required including screens and cameras from our own audio visual hire stock. 

6. ON-site technical support

We provide a team of our own technicians on site who ensure that everything runs smoothly. From the installation of the lighting to the construction of the catwalk, setting up of branding and testing the sound system. They are also super-helpful which means you'll be well supported from the start of set up through rehearsals, the show and de-rig. 

Lighting at the entrance of a fashion show at Cunard Building Liverpool
Fashion Show Production in Liverpool with Catwalk, Backdrop, Lighting and AV

We produce fashion shows anywhere in the UK including Manchester, London, Birmingham and Liverpool.

Case Study: Celebration of Style Fashion Show

Stagetex won a competitive tender process to supply catwalk hire, audio visual, lighting, staging and technical production services for Celebration of Style – a major multi-venue fashion event hosted in Liverpool.

Stagetex were responsible for the technical production and AV equipment hire for the launch event at The Venue at The Royal Liver Building, the main catwalk show at The Cunard Building, a gala dinner at Knowsley Hall, the after-party at the Port of Liverpool Building and an exhibition at Rum Warehouse.

With just 2 weeks’ notice, Stagetex was able to deliver over 180 lighting fixtures, 26 technical staff to support the events. During the planning, our project management team worked alongside the client to advise on and adjust to specific venue restrictions and to ensure the best possible experience for the guests.

For the main fashion show at The Cunard Building Stagetex supplied:

Catwalk Lighting

Our lighting department supplied a lighting design that lit the models evenly whilst keeping within budget. This included design and supply of a large truss structure on which over 70 lighting fixtures were suspended above the catwalk. The Cunard’s existing architecture provided the backdrop to the event and was lit in pastel colours using high power LED wash lights.

Changing Area

With The Cunard Building being a large open-plan space, Stagetex were required to create a changing area within the space. This was achieved through the use of our “pipe and drape” system which allowed us to drape off a section of the room and partition this into segregated quick change areas.

Sound System

Stagetex supplied the sound system for the catwalk show which required high impact music and sound for the MC and voice of God announcements. A separate PA system was required for the pre-show entertainment which included a live band performance in the centre of the room.

AV & Projection

Stagetex supplied a large rear projection screen at the end of the catwalk which displayed sponsor slides and brand logos.

Catwalk and lighting for a fashion show in Liverpool
Fashion show catwalk with lighting and AV production in Liverpool's Cunard Building
Lighting the outside of Knowsley Hall - the venue for a fashion show in Knowsley, Liverpool